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Healthy Senior: Seeing beyond black and white thinking to understand color blindness

Q. Do people who are color blind see everything in black and white? “Color blindness” is the common term used to describe color vision deficiency. The term is misleading, because total color blindness that turns the world into shades of gray is rare. The most common type of color blindness makes it difficult for people to discriminate between red and […]

Healthy Senior: Antibiotics and superbugs are a growing threat to global health

Q.  I had a bad cold so I asked my doctor for an antibiotic. He seemed reluctant, but I insisted and he gave me the prescription. I was supposed to take it for 10 days, but I stopped after 7 because I felt better and I… Stop! Next you’ll tell me you prefer not to cover your mouth when you […]

Healthy Senior: Medical imaging demystified

Q. What’s the difference between a CAT scan and an MRI? The CAT scan, MRI and others are known as diagnostic-imaging tests. Let’s go over the common ones.  X-ray One of the oldest forms of medical imaging , an X-ray examination uses electromagnetic radiation to make pictures. An X-ray machine passes a beam through your body and records an image […]

Healthy Senior: Cracking the code on carotid artery health

Q.  My doctor put his stethoscope on my neck and muttered to himself, “no brooey.” I didn’t ask the doctor about it, and I’m still wondering what he meant by that. My spelling is probably wrong. Your doctor was checking your carotid arteries on the sides of your neck to see if the blood flow to your brain was blocked. […]

Healthy Senior: Chimney blockage sparks silent killer

Q.  I had a bird’s nest in my chimney and our heating guy told me we were probably getting some carbon monoxide in the house. He said that this is bad for your health. How bad? Carbon monoxide (chemical symbol CO) is a colorless and odorless gas that can kill you. CO is a byproduct of combustion. It comes out […]

Healthy Senior: Them bones – all you need to know about fractures and breaks

Q.  Isn’t a fractured bone less serious than a broken bone? This is a common misconception. A fracture and a break are the same thing. For several reasons, seniors are in danger of breaking a bone. As we age, the power of our senses, reflexes and coordination diminishes. Maladies and the medicines we take for them can contribute to balance […]

Yes, men can get breast cancer, too

This is the last installment of a three-part series on breast cancer. Breast cancer strikes most often when men are in their sixties. Male breast cancer? Men do have breast cells that can become cancerous. The disease is uncommon in men. It represents only 1% of all breast cancers. Because of its rarity, many men aren’t aware it exists. And […]

Breast cancer: Symptoms and diagnosis

This is the second installment of a three-part series on breast cancer. The most common breast cancer symptom is a lump. Other symptoms include swelling, skin irritation, nipple pain or retraction, and an unusual discharge. Early diagnosis saves lives. The combination of a mammogram, a clinical breast exam and self-exams is recommended by healthcare experts to reduce breast-cancer deaths. A […]

Breast Cancer 101: The different kinds, and who is at the greatest risk

This is the first installment in a three-part series on breast cancer.  Breast cancer is second—behind lung cancer—as the leading cause of cancer death in women. The chance of developing invasive breast cancer at some time in a woman’s life is about 1 in 8. The female breast is composed primarily of milk-producing glands (lobules), ducts that connect the glands […]

All you need to know about bursitis

Q. Is bursitis age-related? Yes. Bursitis occurs more often as we get older. Repetitive motions are the worst things for people who tend to get bursitis. Other causes include joint trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and infection. Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa, which is a small sac filled with fluid. We each have about 160 of these bursae, which act […]

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